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Do you feel like you can’t open or close your blinds without creating a dust storm in your own home? We can actually clean most types of blinds with cutting edge technology.

With our unique cleaning method your blinds will look like they are brand spanking new, guaranteed! Our unique technology is a revolutionary way to clean your blinds of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, grease, and many other contaminates. Your blinds are first vacuumed to collect excess dirt, and then they are fully immersed in a warm, mild solution using a deep Steam Cleaning System  with specialised  cleaning products.

Our Blind Cleaning is a completely safe, 100% biodegradable, odor free, harsh chemical free process. This technology is used across many different fields of industry for specialised, detailed cleaning including jewelry stores, electronics refurbishing and even aircraft equipment.

Benefits from a professional blind cleaning

  • Eliminates or sterilizes allergens

  • Rejuvenates blinds to near original conditions

  • Eliminates odors and stains

  • Protecting your family and pets from these “bunk beds” for germs.

  • Knowing that EVERYTHING is clean! cords, wands, head rails, foot rails, all moving parts, and of course, the slats or fabric

  • Making your neighbors jealous of your ridiculously clean home!

*We are aware that not all blinds are created equally. Some blinds cannot be cleaned with water or solution. For these, we offer a special hand cleaning service for true wood or specialty blinds that will provide the cleanest window covering possible.